Peer Outreach

The Peer Outreach Program is a free service available to BHI members. The program helps you navigate your recovery through the support of peer specialists. Peer specialists have their own lived experience with mental illness and recovery, and serve as ambassadors of hope that recovery is possible for everyone.

Upon being paired with a peer specialist, the member will meet with him/her in person to discuss recovery goals and decide if peer support is a good fit. Weekly meetings help the member set goals and stick to them!

Our team of peer specialists are compassionate, intelligent, insightful, fun, and understand the challenges of recovery because they have been there.

What Does Peer Support Look Like?

As people who have had psychiatric diagnoses, we know that holding on to hope can feel impossible at times. We also know that it is possible to gain control over life again. Peer support provides encouragement, hope, guidance, assistance and understanding that helps those on their path to recovery. This support can be provided in the community at libraries, coffee shops, and other convenient places. Peer specialists can also meet with members while they are hospitalized, and follow them out into the community upon discharge to continue the support. We make it easy to benefit from peer support programs.

What is a Peer Specialist?

A BHI peer specialist is a person living with a mental health diagnosis. They have found success and hope in their own recovery. They use their personal experience to support others who are in recovery. They are living examples that people can and do recover from mental illness and live full, independent lives.

How Does a Peer Specialist Help?

Peer specialists at BHI help meet the specific recovery needs of the individuals they work with. Their role is to provide peer support during recovery—whatever those needs or goals may be. Peer support is voluntary, so a member must want to work with a peer specialist, and the peer specialist must feel comfortable working with the member. BHI wants to help individuals rebuild their lives on the three cornerstones of recovery – hope, willingness and responsible action. A peer specialist can help a member gather the skills, resources and support they need to succeed.

What Does a Peer Specialist Do?

  • Meet regularly with the member in outpatient settings, hospitals and in the community.
  • Share coping strategies, wellness tools and other useful resources.
  • Support the member in achieving his/her recovery goals no matter what those goals may be.
  • Attend medical or mental health appointments to support the member in advocating for him or herself and getting the best care.

Recovery is possible! BHI is here to support its members on their recovery journey.