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BHI wants to help you reach your health and wellness goals. We offer free Wellness Classes and health tools to help you take care of yourself on the go! These tools will help you make healthy choices and changes for you and your family.

All materials below are available for free to download to your smart phone tablet or computer. You can also contact us to ask us to mail materials to you. We are also happy to talk with you about any of the tools in person or by telephone. Just call Member Services at 303-361-8100, Option 1.


SAMHSA’s Wellness Resources
Learn more about how you can make wellness a part of your everyday life with the so you can live longer and feel better. Watch this to learn more about SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness, and find practical ways to start healthy habits and take care of your health.

Get more information and wellness resources from SAMHSA.

SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Personal and Family Health Record App
With these free apps, you can keep track of medical records for you and your family. You can save your records about your medical history, test results, medicines and more. Once the app downloads to your computer or mobile device, you are in control of who sees what information and when.

My Medical App
CareZone:  Health Info Organizer (app – iOS & Android)
MyChart (app – iOS & Android)

Healthy Weight (BMI) Maintenance
Encouraging Physical Activity
Healthy Eating
These tools include calorie counters, food checklists, recipes, and tools for planning healthy meals on a budget. Bon appetit!

MyPlate Daily Calorie Calculator
MyPlate Daily Food Checklist
What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl (Healthy Meal Planning tool & recipes)
SuperTracker (online nutrition tools)
Healthy, Tasty, Affordable Latin Cooking (recipes – English & Spanish)

Smartphone Apps:
Cooking Matters (app: iOSAndroid)
FoodPlanner (Meal Planning app: iOS & Android)
HealthyOut (Healthy restaurant nutrition guide app: iOS & Android)
MyFitnessPal (Online food diary & calorie counting app: iOS & Android)

Managing Stress
These tools will help you manage stress, learn how to relax, get better sleep and promote mental wellbeing.

Stress Management Tips
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Toolkit (website, videos, meditation & transcripts)
Relaxation Techniques
Sleep Health Index 2014:  How much sleep do we need?
Sleep Diary

Smartphone Apps:
Breathe2Relax (app: iOS & Android)
Calm (app: iOS & Android)
Down Dog:  Great Yoga Anywhere (app: iOS & Android)
Sleep Better:  Sleep Cycle Tracker & Alarm Clock (app: iOS & Android)

Smoking and Tobacco Use Cessation
These links include information on how tobacco use affects your health, and provides a variety of phone support, web-based, text messaging, and mobile app tools to support you on your journey to become tobacco free! (Website) Tools, Tips & Apps (app: iOS & Android) SmokeFree Text Messaging Programs (iOS & Android – English/Spanish)
Colorado QuitLine – 1-800-784-8669 (website & phone based support)

Avoiding At-Risk Drinking
Find out what alcohol does to your health and what happens when it mixes with medications. Learn about getting help for at-risk drinking.
NIH:  Alcohol Facts and Statistics (website & PDF)
NIH:  Rethinking Drinking – Alcohol and Your Health (PDF – English & Spanish)
What is Binge Drinking
Harmful Interactions: Mixing Alcohol with Medicines (English & Spanish)
Treatment for Alcohol Problems:  Finding and Getting Help (English & Spanish)
Support and Treatment

Identifying Symptoms Through Self-Assessment
Visit these sites for a free, confidential and anonymous online mental health screening.
BHI myStateofMind (app- iOS & Android)
BHI myStateofMind (web – English & Spanish)
Screening for Mental Health (web – English & Spanish)

Treatment Monitoring Tools
These apps help you keep track of your moods and symptoms so you know what is going on with your body and mind.
DBSA – How is My Treatment Plan Working?DBSA Wellness Tracker (app: iOS & Android)
SuperBetter (app – iOS & Android)
myStrength Apps (Only for existing myStrength members or those who have been provided an access code by their health provider) (app: iOS & Android)
T2 Mood Tracker (app: iOS & Android)

Recovery and Resiliency
From bullying and trauma, to managing mental health symptoms and addictions, these resources include several tools to promote resiliency and support you and your loved ones on the journey to recovery.

Tools from SAMHSA
KnowBullying – For parents, caregivers, and educators to prevent bullying & build resilience in children. (app: iOS & Android)
Voices of Recovery
Watch YouTube videos of personal stories shared by people in recovery. (video)
Read Personal Stories here (website)

Coping with Trauma
U.S. Dept of Veteran’s Affairs: National Center for PTSD
PTSD Coach App (app: iOS & Android)
PTSD Family Coach App (app: iOS only)
Mindfulness Coach App (app: iOS only)

Suicide Prevention
My3 (app: iOS & Android)

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