Regional Recreation Committee

Purpose of Regional Recreation Committee
The Regional Recreation Committee plans social events for members and their families. At these events members can get to know one another and do not feel so alone. Events give members the chance to come together, have fun and practice social skills. Members on the committee learn event planning skills and practice teamwork while having fun!

Meeting Information
Regional Recreation Committee meetings rotate between three locations: Rainbow Center in Thornton, Community Connections in Aurora, and Centerpoint in Littleton. Meetings are on the last Monday of every month from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm (click here for the 2016-2017 Schedule).

Committee Updates
The Regional Recreation Committee is currently assisting with aspects of event planning for BHI’s 21st Annual Recovery Gala in May including voting on menu and dessert items, submitting art for the Gala Art Exhibition, and nominating members, family/friends, providers/staff and community service members for the Awards ceremony.  Attend our monthly Regional Recreation Committee meeting or see info under Upcoming Events for ways to get involved!

Upcoming Events!
BHI’s Annual Recovery Gala is an invitation-only event honoring members, friends/family, and providers making a difference by promoting and maintaining recovery!

Members can get involved in two ways:

  1. Recovery Art Exhibit Submission: This year’s BHI Gala will feature an Art Exhibit with work created by you, BHI members! We are asking you to create an original piece of art that expresses what recovery means to you. Submissions can be a piece of writing, a drawing, a painting, a photograph, or anything else that you would like to create! Submissions are due no later than 4/3! See instructions below for specifics on art submission requirements.
  2. Recovery Art Exhibit Submission Instructions
    • All submissions must be original pieces of art.
    • All submissions should be no larger than 11”x17” (or fit a similar space if the art is 3D).
    • Art should be signed with first name, last initial. Ex: Sarah J.
    • Names of those who submit art will be entered into a lottery. Names will be drawn at random and those individuals will be invited to attend the Gala. Due to limited space we cannot invite all who submit art.
    • Please fill out this submission form describing how your art relates to recovery: Art Exhibit Cover Sheet Instructions and contact Member Services at 303-361-8245 for questions and specific information on where to drop off our art submission.
    • Submissions are due no later than April 3rd, 2017.

  3. Gala Award Nominations: Gala nominations will open Wednesday, 2/22 and will close on Friday, 3/31. Nominate a member, family/friend, or provider/support staff for one of our Gala Awards based on the criteria listed below, and describe why you think this person should receive an award here: Gala Award Nomination Form
  4. Gala Award Nomination Instructions
    • The BHI Recovery Gala is an invitation-only event. All award finalists will receive an invitation for themselves, the person who nominated them, and a guest. Award winners will be notified by the Gala Planning Committee either by phone, email or mail regarding their nomination.
    • Nominations for Gala awards may be submitted by members, friends and family of members, providers, and support staff. However, staff can only nominate staff if it is on behalf of assisting a member with nominations.
    • Persons who are nominated for the Member Award or Member Community Service Award must be receiving mental health services from a BHI Provider.
    • You may only nominate one person per submission; if you would like to nominate another individual please do so on a new nomination form. (You will be given the opportunity to submit another nomination once you complete this form)
    • AN IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PROVIDERS/STAFF: Please do not include sensitive information (particularly protected health information) regarding nominees on the nomination form.

    Member Award
    This award celebrates members who have worked hard to advance in their own mental health recovery, and those who have helped others on their path.

    Providers and support staff are not eligible to win this award.

    This award recognizes any member receiving behavioral health services from a BHI Provider.

    Candidates can be nominated by displaying the following qualities during the last year:
    ~Works hard to make positive changes in his/her own mental health;
    ~Takes responsibility for his/her own behavioral health;
    ~Inspires others to work hard to achieve behavioral health recovery;
    ~Advocates for both themselves and others;
    ~Shares the lessons of recovery and is a leader in the community.

    Community Service Award
    This award celebrates members who have displayed extraordinary dedication to the behavioral health community through community service. Providers and support staff are not eligible to win this award.

    ~This award recognizes a member actively involved in community service and who has displayed a commitment to the values and mission of BHI in promoting recovery and community service.

    Friend/Family Member Award
    This award celebrates friends, family, or mentors who partner with members in a way that is empowering. Persons receiving BHI mental health services are not eligible to win this award.
    This award recognizes the close friends, family members, or mentors who are actively and regularly supporting any BHI Member who is receiving services from a BHI provider (the nominee is not required to receive BHI services themselves).

    Candidates can be nominated by displaying the following qualities during the last year:
    ~Showing an ongoing commitment to supporting an individual with mental illness and/or substance use disorders (or the member community in general)
    ~Meets your idea of how a close friend, mentor, teacher, advocate, or family member partners and supports others in their recovery.

    Provider and Support Staff Award
    This award celebrates providers who truly partner with members and their family members to promote recovery. Eligible individuals must be employed with BHI or, a BHI provider.

    This award recognizes providers and support staff, who:
    ~Focus on the strengths of both members and family members
    ~Empowers, provides tools, and opportunities for members/family members to make their own choices

    NOTE: This nomination is member driven; therefore, providers and support staff may NOT nominate another provider or support staff, but they may assist a member with composing the nomination.