Recovery & Wellness Committee

Recovery and Wellness Committee
Purpose of Recovery and Wellness Committee

BHI’S Recovery and Wellness Committee brings wellness into the lives of all members. It makes recovery the focus of everything we do at BHI. The committee helps members, providers, community mental health centers and BHI staff to work together to put recovery and wellness first.


Meeting Information
The Recovery and Wellness Committee plans the fall Health & Wellness fair, the Winter & Summer Wellness Challenges, the Spring Walking Challenge, and encourages members to join Team BHI and participate in the annual NAMI Walk each year.

In addition to planning health and wellness events, the committee incorporates tasting samples of healthy recipes at each meeting and is currently collecting recipes to create their own healthy recipe book!  If you are working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enjoy planning and getting involved in health fairs and wellness events, or have a healthy recipe to share, please join us!

Recovery & Wellness Committee meetings rotate between three locations: Snowmass room at Community Reach CenterAurora Strong Resilience Center in Aurora and the Wellness Center at AllHealth Network. See Member Classes and Events Calendar for upcoming committee meeting and member event information.