Pat Steadman
Chief Executive Officer

“Our members are our first concern. It’s our job to ensure they get the care they need, at the right time and in the right place. At BHI we have a committed team of professionals working diligently to serve our community.”

  Jennifer Lacove
Chief Financial Officer

“My favorite part about working at BHI is the people I get to work with every day. Everyone in the organization has a strong focus on our members and their recovery. The words I hear most frequently are “how can we help you?” In my role, I do not work with our members very often, but I can use my skill set to handle the back office activities so that our employees on the front line can use their skills to serve our members.”

  Dr. Ronald Morley
Chief Medical Officer

“BHI is a team of people who are remarkably talented and dedicated to the goal of helping our members get the care they need. It’s great working with them to find creative, innovative, cost-effective ways to help members do well in their lives.”

  Heather Piernik
Director of Utilization Management

“BHI’s mission is to provide a continuum of behavioral health services that demonstrates a commitment to superior quality and respect for its members and families.  I am proud that BHI’s dedicated clinical staff embody this mission. They work every day to support members in accessing the individualized care they need to recover and thrive.”

  Clara Cabanis
Director of Quality Improvement

“BHI’s mission and vision are centered on a strong commitment to quality and respect. This commitment is transmitted to a passionate team who is devoted to help members live better and to their fullest potential. Our work is crucial to the communities we serve and our purpose is clear, to make you feel proud, inspired and privileged for being part of BHI!”

  Katie Herrmann
Director of Clinical Services

“Passion and Integrity are fundamental to our success at BHI. We put members first and feel honored and privileged to walk with our members as they walk their own path to recovery.”

  Kathy Forrest
Director of Integrated Care

“Our team prioritizes the health and wellness of each member. Integrating physical health care and behavioral health care is quickly becoming best practice and provides the best outcomes for our members. Mind and body influence one another and optimum health can be achieved when providers work together as a team to address the whole person. Our team partners with local providers to facilitate this integration and keep practices informed of BHI’s multiple resources for enhancing behavioral health.”

  Earl Della Barca
Director of Healthcare Compliance and In-house Counsel

“At BHI, our Members come first.  Our Compliance and Privacy program ensures that BHI is following all federal and state rules, so that we can continue to provide our Members with access to the highest quality behavioral health services.”

  Stacy Smith
Manager of Administrative Services

“BHI is member-focused, although operations are data-driven we understand that it is really about making a positive impact on our members and community.”

  Jeff George
Director of Technology Services and Security Officer

“It is an honor to work with such a dedicated group of individuals striving to serve our members on their path to recovery. Ensuring that the technical components of that service delivery are modernized and operational is a source of personal pride for myself and my team.”

  Cara Hebert
Director of Office of Member and Family Affairs

“We take pride in our teamwork and collaboration to promote recovery based services within our organization and provider network. We understand recovery is a journey and provide the customer service and support needed to encourage members to continue along the path to recovery. BHI puts members first and ensures that daily operations are always managed from a trauma-informed and culturally competent perspective.”

  Teresa Summers
Director of Provider Relations

“A better quality of life for our members starts with our providers.  It has been an amazing journey over the last 10 years working to build strong, long-term relationships with our provider network that supports the foundation of our mission and values at BHI. I am proud to serve our community and ensure advocacy for our members and providers.”