About Us

Helping Hands

BHI is here to help navigate your care through programs, care collaboration, resources, and advocacy.

Behavioral Healthcare Inc. (BHI) is a Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) that manages the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing’s (HCPF) Colorado Community Mental Health Services Program in Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties as well as the City of Aurora, all of which makes up Colorado’s Metro East Region. BHI provides medically necessary behavioral health services to eligible Medicaid members. BHI is licensed by the Colorado Division of Insurance as a Limited Service Licensed Provider Network (LSLPN).  BHI has an accreditation with NCQA.


BHI provides a continuum of behavioral health services that demonstrates a commitment to superior quality and respect for its members and families.


BHI strives to promote recovery by focusing on the unique needs, strengths, and hopes of members and families.



We act in ways that are honorable, truthful, and principled. We utilize impartial and honest standards to make decisions and take actions, every day. We own up to our mistakes and take actions to correct them. In our business, integrity is mandatory, not optional.

Customer (Member)-First

We succeed when members succeed. We put our members first, no matter what job we hold, no matter whether we work alone or as part of a team. We take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrating on what the customer is really saying. A customer (member) is anyone, including a coworker, to whom we have a responsibility to help succeed.


We take personal responsibility. We accomplish what we promise on time and on budget. Part of accountability is pulling your weight as part of a team and actively sharing information and effort.


We treat people with dignity and consideration. We are diverse as people and professionals, yet our success depends on our mutual trust and teamwork. We honor different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs recognizing that this diversity builds strength in our team. We are strongest when we are respected by our colleagues and encouraged to contribute to our highest capabilities.


We insist on quality, we are an organization of quality. We encourage the introduction of improvements to the way things are done. Even as we challenge each other to the highest level of achievement and to go the extra mile, we also understand that that the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence.

Integrated Care

At BHI we promote Integrated Health Care. Integrated Care is a whole-person approach to health care that includes communication and collaboration between the patient’s health professionals. It is a team approach to addressing all health needs, including behavioral health needs, and strives to provide as many services as possible at the patient’s Health Home. Whether that is getting behavioral health care at a primary care practice or receiving primary care at a behavioral health facility, the patient’s needs are the primary focus.

Cultural Competency

Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. recognizes the high quality of care for all diverse communities depends on inclusion and accessibility of services. BHI values the importance of ensuring cultural competency principles are integrated throughout the organization. BHI’s primary goal is to meet the needs and expectations of all members and families we serve with a robust network of cultural competent providers. Over the next year BHI’s cultural competency goals include:

  • Provide health care services that respect individual health care attitudes, beliefs customs and practices of members related to cultural affiliation
  • Develop and maintain a provider network that meets the cultural, racial and linguistic needs of BHI members
  • Increase staff and provider knowledge of cultural competency
  • Ensures services for those with limited English proficiency meet BHI quality standards
  • Develops procedures through QI program to assess gaps in cultural and linguistic competency and implement interventions as necessary
  • Create an environment to increase member sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity

BHI Reports

Annual Quality Report
Quality Improvement Work Plan
Transition Specialists Program FY16 Annual Report
Transition Specialists Program FY17 Q3 Report