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BHI is committed to help you find your way through mental health care. We'll work together to offer the best professional support to you and your family.



NEW BHI Wellness Program!

BHI is starting a new wellness program that will be offering free presentations on the benefits of healthy living. We are starting this exciting new program on May 28th with a presentation from Cooking Matters.

Click here for more information and to register for this event.

Community Connections has moved!

We are happy to announce that Community Connections has moved to its new location at:

12455 East Mississippi Ave
Suite 104
Aurora, CO 80012


New Phone Number: (303) 361-8200

Please come join us at our new location and see all that we have going on; our doors are open with regularly schedule services, groups and much more!

Provider Satisfaction Survey!

Below is a link to a Provider satisfaction survey. The survey addresses satisfaction with various departments at BHI. If you do not have regular contact with the department at BHI the question is referring to, please mark Not Applicable. The survey should take you to questions regarding a different department once you check Not Applicable on the first question. You are not required to enter your contact information on the survey. If you are a group/facility practice who has multiple clinicians or individuals who have regular contact with BHI, please allow each clinician/individual at your practice to fill out the survey.

Provider Satisfaction Survey

This survey is not for members. Members should be receiving surveys via mail or at their treatment location.

The Rainbow Center has moved!

Please spread the word and keep checking back here for more exciting news about upcoming events at the new and improved Rainbow Center; now located at:

690 West 84th Avenue
Thornton CO 80260


New Phone Number: (303) 361-8180

Our doors are open with regularly schedule services, groups and classes now going on!

Behavioral Healthcare Inc

1290 Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (303) 361-8100
Fax: (303) 364-2240
Behavioral Healthcare Inc. collects no personal information on our site and presents all materials here for the purposes of educating and assisting our membership and providers. Thank you for visiting!

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